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An Overview Of the Czech Rabbit Breed

By Tom Seest

What Is the Czech Rabbit Breed?

The Czech Rabbit Breed is one of the most popular types of rabbits in the world. They are also the National Breed of the Czech Republic, which makes them a show breed in North America. These are known for their feisty personalities and are often used as pets by people all over the world.

This photo was taken by Tima Miroshnichenko and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-white-rabbit-near-a-person-6846047/.

What Are the Two Types Of the Czech Rabbit Breed?

There are two types of Czech rabbits: domestic and foreign breeds. Domestic breeds include the Czech white, Czech spotted, and Czech Solver, and foreign breeds are mainly imported to the Czech Republic. The main criteria used to divide Czech rabbits are size and fur structure. The Czech Republic has about 150 registered animals in its domestic breed registry.
Both of these types have their own distinctive markings. The national breed, the LL, has a distinct coat on the head. This coat is specific to the breed, and breeding to improve it is a popular activity among rabbit enthusiasts. However, over half of LL rabbits were found to have marking defects. Figure 5 shows some of the common problems with marking in LL.
Giant and medium breeds are popular in the Czech Republic. Giant and medium breeds have the highest representations at breeding exhibitions. However, dwarf rabbits are the least common breed. The aim of the study was to identify the faults of giant and medium rabbits. The research used samples from 11 Czech and Slovak rabbit exhibitions.
While remating intervals, litter size at birth, and parity order affect the performance of doe rabbits, the study concluded that all three factors affected the performance of the animal. In addition, it was found that the breed’s performance varied with the season.

This photo was taken by Anna Shvets and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-and-gray-rabbit-on-yellow-background-4588053/.

What Is the Small Czech Rabbit Breed?

Small Czech Rabbit Breeds are known for their small size and sweet disposition. They can weigh three to three and a half kilograms. Their coats are mostly white, but they can also be spotted with black and tri-colored markings. The breed originated in the Czech Republic. They are often called ‘Kleinschecke’ or ‘Czech Schecke’.
The Czech rabbit breeds have been included in the National Program for Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources (NPCRG) and have been assessed for their genetic relatedness and diversity. A modern hybrid strain was also included to provide a baseline for comparison. The breeds were analyzed using 16 microsatellite loci compiled from published sources and multiplexed by three or four. All of the breeds were found to be highly diverse and allelic-rich despite their small numbers.
The Small Czech Rabbit Breed has become a popular pet choice and is a great companion for children and adults alike. Historically, this breed was bred for show purposes. The first examples of this breed were exhibited in Nuremberg in 1990, and in 1994, the Central Association of German Rabbit Breeders recognized the breed as a breed.
The Small Czech Rabbit Breed has a long history in the Czech Republic. They were first bred in the 1940s and were first recognized officially in 1959. They are small compared to other breeds and weigh between two and three kilograms. Their fur is red-brown or gray. They have a semi-arch body and thick, fur-covered ears.

This photo was taken by lil artsy and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-rabbits-lying-on-hay-2397448/.

What Is the Large Czech Rabbit Breed?

The Large Czech Rabbit breed is one of the most popular pet rabbits in the Czech Republic. This breed has beautiful fur that grows at an angle, giving it a very plush appearance. They can be found in a variety of colors and are typically between six and seven pounds in weight. The eyes of these animals are a mixture of blue and brown.
Large Czech Rabbits are not only beautiful and fluffy, but they are also quite hardy. They are the perfect pet for any pet owner. They are also great companions and can be great pets for children. They can be trained to be playful or cuddly and are also very easy to handle.
The Large Czech Rabbit weighs around four kilograms and is a medium-sized breed. It is a domesticated rabbit and originated in the Czech Republic. They have short ears and a speckled pattern. The breed is recognized by the Czech Association of Breeders since 2000. The average litter size is ten to fourteen babies.
Czech rabbit breeds are part of the National Program for Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources (NPCR). They were evaluated for genetic relatedness and diversity, and a modern hybrid strain was included for comparison. They were genotyped with 16 microsatellite loci that were collected from published sources. The data were analyzed using capillary electrophoresis and revealed that each breed had high diversity and private alleles, indicating breed distinctness.

This photo was taken by Anna Shvets and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-rabbit-with-pink-party-hat-sitting-beside-a-cupcake-with-pink-frosting-and-candle-4580745/.

What Is the Czech Red Rabbit Breed?

The Czech Red Rabbit is a domestic breed originating in the Czech Republic. It weighs around 2.50 to 3 kg and is characterized by red-brown or gray fur. The breed was first bred in the 1940s and is now officially recognized. The male rabbit has a semi-arch body type, whereas the female has a commercial body type.
The Czech Republic has a diverse population of rabbits, and many of the breeds are popular. Most are highly fertile and have good maternal traits. There are also some popular meat breeds. Meat rabbits usually weigh between four and five kilograms and are priced between 500 to 800 CZK. Many small breeds are also available and have attractive color patterns and body structures.
The English Silver rabbit is small in stature and has short, dense fur and different body markings. This breed was bred by Charles Kaufmann from wild rabbits. The French version is similar in appearance to the Spanish version but is a darker shade of chestnut brown with black and tan markings. The English Silver rabbit can weigh anywhere from six to seven pounds and is very popular as a pet.
This breed is very attractive. A small proportion of the adult rabbits are born cream or black, while the rest have black or silver ticking. As they mature, they will reach two kilograms and weigh anywhere from three to five kg.

This photo was taken by Magda Ehlers and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/multicolored-cat-wooden-toy-1329301/.

Is the Czech Rabbit Breed Exotic?

The Czech Republic is a landlocked nation located in the center of Europe. It has cold winters and relatively cool summers. This climate is favorable for a variety of animal life. A large number of species of furred animals are indigenous to the area. Besides rabbits, the Czech Republic also has many other types of exotic and endangered animals.
A Czech rabbit is white in color with short ears. It has a compact body and beautiful markings. It is also very soft-tempered and lovable. Its pelts are highly sought after by the clothing and fabric industries. The Czech rabbit is also a great pet for kids.
In a recent study, forty growing rabbits were studied. Twenty of them were post-weaning (30-day old) and were a mix of domestic and exotic commercial lines. The rabbits were bred during the winter season of 2018. Each rabbit was housed in a semi-closed enclosure with individual cages and was fed a commercial pellet diet. They were also given free access to water. The post-weaning body weights of each rabbit were measured biweekly for six to 12 weeks. They were then analyzed using association analysis.
The Czech Rabbit is a unique and popular breed. It has a high potential for meat production and is very affordable. Because of the low cost of breeding, it is an ideal choice for backyard producers.

This photo was taken by Anna Shvets and is available on Pexels at https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-rabbit-wearing-eyeglasses-while-reading-a-book-4588455/.