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An Overview Of The Central Coast Rabbit Club

By Tom Seest

What Is the Central Coast Rabbit Club?

The Central Coast Rabbit Club is a non-profit organization that is focused on the welfare of rabbits. The club provides rabbit care and breeding programs for all breeders throughout the Central Coast region of California. The club was formed in 2008. In the past few years, the group has grown to more than 60 members.

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What Is The Mission of The Central Coast Rabbit Club?

The mission of the Central Coast Rabbit Club is to save and rehome homeless rabbits. The organization has been in existence since 2008 and is comprised of a team of dedicated, all-volunteer members. The organization’s rescue efforts have helped save thousands of rabbits in California. They provide medical care, food, and housing for these animals.
The organization has been involved in several legislative actions. It has successfully secured an $18k donation from the Animal Welfare Trust Fund to help fund rabbit-related facilities. It also requested that rabbits be included in the city’s euthanasia reports. In addition, the organization wants female rabbits to be spayed by a specialty veterinarian.

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What Is The Objective of The Central Coast Rabbit Club?

The Central Coast Rabbit Club has a number of objectives. First and foremost, the Club is a great resource for information. The club also promotes the breed in all phases within the region it serves. Memberships are open to anyone interested in breeding, showing, or marketing. The club also provides a forum for the members to interact and share ideas.
A second goal of the club is to encourage good rabbit-keeping. The club aims to educate its members about good rabbit care and encourage healthy living. The club receives hundreds of letters and calls each month, many from governments and official bodies asking for information. In addition, the club sponsors many events throughout the year that educate members about rabbit health and welfare.

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What Is The Location of The Central Coast Rabbit Club?

The Central Coast Rabbit Club has three locations in the Central California area. The Sacramento location is located in the capital city of California. They are happy to answer questions about rabbits and the rabbitry, and they also have several adoption events throughout the year. If you live in the Sacramento area, you can also apply to adopt a rabbit at Sacramento House Rabbit Society.

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What Are The Sanctions for Palomino Rabbit Shows?

Sanctions for Palomino rabbiting shows at Central Coast Rabbit Club are based on the standards of the Palomino Rabbit Co-Breeders Association (PRCBA). Palomino rabbits can compete in both all-breed and Palomino Specialty shows. Participation in sanctioned shows can earn points towards the PRCBA Sweepstakes competition. The deadline to request sanctioning for a show is 30 days prior to the date of the event.
A national sanction for a show means that the show is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. It makes the show “official” and locks down the date. National sanctioning can also give the exhibitor a special prize. A nationally sanctioned show is also more likely to have more animals in the show ring.
To participate in a Palomino show, you must first register your rabbit. You must complete an entry form with the proper divisions and classes for the show. You must dress properly for judging. You must wear a clean shirt and tie back any long hair. The judges will judge you on your handling and knowledge of the animal. Your animal must be properly trained before the show.
The Palomino rabbit is a gentle breed that likes to spend time out of its enclosure. It is easy to keep them in an indoor or outdoor enclosure, but it is important to protect them from the elements. If you choose to keep them outdoors, make sure the outdoor enclosure is enclosed on three sides, is well-ventilated, and has shade during the hotter months.

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What Is The Contact Information For The Central Coast Rabbit Club?

The Central Coast Rabbit Club is a wonderful resource for those interested in rabbits and offers various programs for the rabbit enthusiast. The club is a non-profit organization that promotes rabbit welfare. The organization also sponsors a free youth rabbit show and an open rabbit show. The show is open to the public and runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The club also encourages members to participate in breed-specific sweepstakes. The club’s newsletter and the guidebook are excellent resources. A membership is well worth the fee, especially if you are planning to compete in rabbit shows. Membership is also an excellent way to network with other rabbit enthusiasts and learn about the rabbit breeding business.

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