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Tips for Rabbit-Proofing Your Yard

By Tom Seest

Is Your Yard Ready for Rabbit Visitors?

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As spring approaches and warmer weather arrives, it is important to make sure your yard is ready for potential rabbit visitors. These cute and fluffy creatures are known for hopping into yards and gardens in search of food and shelter. To make your yard inviting for them, consider planting rabbit-friendly plants such as clover, dandelions, and strawberries. It is also important to keep your yard free of any toxic plants that could harm rabbits. Providing a small shelter or hiding spot, such as a pile of rocks or a brush pile, can also make your yard more attractive to rabbits. Additionally, be sure to secure any potential hazards such as holes or sharp objects that could harm them. With a little preparation, you can create a welcoming and safe environment for rabbits to visit and enjoy.

Who knows, you may even be rewarded with the sight of a mother rabbit and her adorable babies hopping around your yard!

Is Your Yard Ready for Rabbit Visitors?

Is Your Yard Ready for Rabbit Visitors?

Rabbits are attracted to plants just sprouting from the ground, so it is best to protect plants by placing them in wire baskets or cages. Avoid planting bare-root trees since rabbits can chew off the bark and kill them. Also, tall trees and bushes should be protected by planting tall grass and weeds.